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Buy Adam Scott's Abu Dhabi house, get a round with the Masters champ

February 04, 2014

Adam Scott, reigning Masters Champion and should-have-been Golf Digest Hottest Golfer Contest Champion, is selling his 'house' in Abu Dhabi, according to Abu Dhabi Week.

This is the second real estate move Scott has made in the last three months. Gold Coast Bulletin reported he took a $2.5 million hit when he sold his Australia apartment on Surfers Paradise Beach in December.[#image: /photos/55ad781cb01eefe207f6d7a1]|||scott house.jpg|||

He bought the Abu Dhabi house in 2008 before it was built, the plan being to use it as a home base while he was competing on the European Tour. He didn't end up spending any time in it, citing that as the reason why it's now on the market.

The house is 10,000 square feet, has a pool, and views of the Saadiyat Beach Golf Club and nearby ocean. It's listed at a cool $6.2 million. And if that's the kind of investment you're looking to make right now, you're going to get more than the house: Scott said he'll play a round of golf with the buyer.

You can put a price on most things -- but I'm pretty sure a round of golf with Scott just isn't one of them. Let the bidding war begin.