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Adam Scott served steak with bugs on it at his Champions Dinner

Moreton Bay Bugs probably sound worse than they actually are. They're really just like a lobster (a species technically most closely related to insects) that usually is served as part of a bigger dish. In any case, if you really want to learn more about Moreton Bay Bugs, here's a good write-up.

Adam Scott had the bugs imported from Australia to serve as a kind of garnish for the New York Strip steak that he had on the menu at Tuesday night's Champions Dinner. He also served seafood for an appetizer -- calamari -- and for dessert he offered up a strawberry and passion- fruit pavlova. Golf Channel's Rex Hoggard tweeted a picture of the menu:

For the record, I'm pretty sure Scott could have put cockroaches on the menu and people would still happily eaten them in exchange for being there. After all, in this Facebook picture by Ben Crenshaw, the group didn't seem too dismayed by it all.

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