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Adam Scott says Olympics ‘not a priority’ and ‘some time off looks quite good, actually’

November 18, 2015

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Adam Scott has not yet bought into the Olympics, even suggesting he might opt for rest instead, Reuters reports. “It's not really a priority of my scheduling next year and I'll still base my schedule around the majors,” he told reporters in Melbourne on Wednesday. “Looking at the schedule some time off looks quite good, actually.”


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“[T]he sport is being strangled by a growing band of slowcoaches,” the Scotsman’s Martin Dempster writes. “Quite frankly, professional golf has become painful to watch, either in the flesh or on a screen, and the biggest problem, it seems, is the time some players now take with pre-shot routines. Can’t believe some of the pre-shot routines I’m watching,’ wrote [Paul Lawrie] on Twitter, where he also described the time some players were taking to line up putts as ‘incredible.’”

“‘Financial is everybody's biggest concern,’ explains Rachel Rohanna, another member of the [LPGA’s] impending 2016 rookie class…‘I’m looking at all kinds of options. We've got to figure out a way to do it somehow. Maybe I should sell my truck to be able to play the first 8-10 tournaments.’ Rohanna quickly suggests with a laugh that her 2005 Dodge Ram is available to the first $100,000 bidder,” ESPN’s Jason Sobel writes in this look at the high cost of chasing a dream on the LPGA.