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Adam Scott is front-runner for quarantine MVP after this act of kindness

April 28, 2020

Cliff Hawkins

Adam Scott, who ticks 95 percent of the boxes when it comes to being a perfect human, has just reminded us once again that he's one of the nicest guys in professional sports.

According to a story in the Sydney Morning Herald, Scott got wind of the plight of fellow Aussie, Ross Campbell, a 76-year-old struggling with severe brain and lung tumors. Due to his illness, Campbell, a longtime fan of Scott’s, believes that he and Adam are also longtime buddies and play golf together all the time. Campbell’s wife Pam, told the Herald: “Ross thinks a shed on the property is the Riverside Oaks club house and he talks about Adam all the time, waiting for Adam’s call to play a round of golf.”

So what did Scott do? Was he a bit freaked out? Did he have a quiet laugh and ignore it all? Nope. After Campbell’s daughter managed to get a hold of Scott, the 2013 Masters champion and 14-time PGA Tour winner called Campbell for a chat and sent a video of him practicing.

While the phone call was happening, Pam said that she was in the background crying. But Campbell himself thought he was just getting a call from an old bud: “What are you talking about,” he asked, per the Herald. “Of course Adam would call. He wants a game. He’s here at Riverside Oaks.”

“Many high profile athletes must get so many requests to put themselves out, yet Adam responded to my daughter’s request straight away,” Pam said. “The video he sent also shows him practicing putting, and Ross can watch it any time he feels inclined.”