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Adam Scott found out you have to be really careful when wearing a Masters green jacket out

March 30, 2016

With the Masters next week, we've talked a lot about who could win the green jacket. We've given you ways to buy your own to wear at your Masters party. And we've even discussed a garment bag company looking to help with the transportation of this prized piece of clothing.

But there hasn't been a lot of talk about how careful you have to be if you actually win one. Certainly, spilling food is an obvious concern, something we've seen Bubba Watson at Waffle House and Phil Mickelson at Krispy Kreme avoid. But a lot of other things can happen in that year before you have to return the jacket to the Champions Locker Room at Augusta National -- something Adam Scott found out in 2013.

When asked what his most interesting experience was with the jacket during a recent interview with, Scott said this:

There are a couple things I remember clearly, but to generalize it all is just everyone's shock of seeing the Green Jacket. It's something that no one really gets to see, ever, outside the grounds of Augusta. You don't really see the trophy presented ever on TV, either, so everyone associates the Masters with the Green Jacket, so it's like the trophy. One of the buttons was ripped off by a friend of mine because he was just so excited; you're hugging and he got a hold of it, he's got his hands on the jacket and one of the buttons came off. How did you get that repaired? Did you call Augusta National?

Scott: It was in Australia, so we patched that one up quickly. I think it was a home job actually, but I didn't do it.

Avoiding a call to Augusta National was probably a good call. . .

So what did we learn -- other than Scott is close to a good tailor -- from this? If you're a Masters champ, or a friend of a Masters champ, always handle the green jacket with care.