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Adam Sandler calls "The Longest Yard" remake "a mistake"


Albert L. Ortega

We all make mistakes—unfortunately, just a select few of us make millions off of our unforced errors.

Comedy icon and onetime charismatic jeweler Adam Sandler has made plenty of movies, and it might come as a surprise to learn that 2005’s The Longest Yard is one of his highest-grossing ones. In a remake of the 1974 Burt Reynolds film, Sandler played quarterback/prison inmate Paul Crewe alongside a stacked cast of Chris Rock, Nelly, James Cromwell, Tracy Morgan, Terry Crews and even the aforementioned Reynolds.

During a free-flowing conversation about his movies on The Bill Simmons Podcast, The Sandman stated (around the 42-minute mark) that he got swept away by the movie’s momentum.

“It was going. It was going. They were doing it. And it was cool and I was like, if they’re doing it, I might as well be in it. Compared to the first one, not even close. It ended up doing alright. Paid for some things in our house … It made no sense.”

Even if Sandler doesn’t love that movie, this particular writer has to admit that he watched it quite a bit growing up and even had it for the Playstation Portable.


Chris Weeks

Man … remember when the PSP had individual movies that you could watch? We really were living in a different time just a few decades ago.

Anyway, it may not be Sandler’s proudest achievement, but he got to throw some spirals to Michael Irvin and bought a new summer patio set or something.

Some guys have all the luck.