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Adam Levine jokes about playing the Senior Tour, but may actually have the swing to do it

One of our favorite celebrity golf couples right now is Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo. You should know Levine as the lead singer from Maroon 5, and one of the most passionate judges on "The Voice." Behati is famous for having a solid golf swing. (Oh, and for being a Victoria's Secret model.)

On Tuesday, Levine showed off his swing again on Instagram:

First of all, both he and Behati make good moves in their respective swings. Levine's alignment is mildly concerning, but overall, he's got a good move through the ball. I wonder how competitive matches are between the two of them…

Second, with the hashtag 'seniortour,' it appears he's settled on his next career once he retires from the music industry! Good for him. #dreams