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Aaron Rodgers destroys property with a golf club in new commercial

September 13, 2016

Arguably the best quarterback on the planet, Aaron Rodgers is also one of the NFL's best golfers (He was listed as having a 5.5 handicap index in Golf Digest's most recent ranking of pro-athlete golfers). But he doesn't get to show off any of those athletic skills in a new State Farm commercial.

Motivated by a fiery pre-game pep talk by Green Bay Packers teammate Clay Matthews, Rodgers repeats the "Nobody comes into this house without paying the price!" mantra as he tries to swat a fly in his home. Only he uses a golf club. And it winds up going through a window and breaking the window of an SUV outside as well, prompting a call from a State Farm agent. Check it out:

And check out that tucked right elbow:


On Matthews as he eats a sandwich, that is. Great form.