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A truck full of canola seeds slamming into an overpass is your random must-watch video of the day

It's Thursday, April 5th, 2018 and there's no shortage of stuff going on in our little corner of the universe. Tiger is playing his first Masters round in an epoch, the NBA is hurtling toward the postseason (dancing ushers in tow), and Richie Incognito did something stupid because today is, in fact, a day. In other words, we could be sharing any litany of ridiculous, engrossing happenstance with you at this very moment, but of everything currently tornadoing across the internet, we've chosen this—your undisputed random-ass video of the day:

What you probably just jumped out of your seat watching is a semi-truck full of canola seeds slamming into a Quebec overpass at somewhere around 70 mph. According to local sources, no one was hurt in the obviously very hazardous making of this viral gold, so feel free to kick back and watch it like 400 more times, sans guilt.

Whatever you do, however, spare a thought for Eastern Canada's brave, presumably horseback-mounted clean-up crews, who had to sweep up this grain-bomb on what looks to be a pretty damn dreary day in the French-Canadian province. No price too high for a little quality entertainment, though, amirite?