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A ton of science goes into making Justin Rose's clubs. And he's in tune with all of it

You know how some guys are total feel players? They'll have a club in their bag that's been there forever, and it doesn't get replaced because they just trust the way it feels over new technology that should theoretically, scientifically, almost definitely beat it.

Justin Rose is definitely not one of those guys.

In a new video released by TaylorMade, one of the company's European Tour reps, Adrian Rietveld, talks about the process involved in setting up clubs for Justin Rose, accompanied by some dramatic music and sexy glimpses of golf clubs being built in the TaylorMade workshop.

An inside look at the time, effort and precision that goes into crafting clubs for Justin Rose. > #TeamTaylorMade > — TaylorMadeGolfEurope (@TaylorMadeTour) > May 18, 2015

"From the TaylorMade standpoint, he's the perfect staff player and ambassador because of the feedback that we get."

The video continues with Rietveld outlining what it takes to get a new club into Justin's bag:

"He demands a lot of time when it comes to getting new product in the bag. He's very scientific, he's very robot like, because he does really leave no rock unturned. It's a constant search for performance."

I was lucky enough to spend a little time with Justin talking about his driver and iron swings, and I can attest to how scientifically his brain works. There is no part of his swing that goes uncalculated; it's impressive how articulately he speaks about it. Clearly, he approaches his clubs in the same way.

"He knows exactly what he's using," Rietveld said. "The more he knows, the better he gets."