A Simple Way To Check Your Putting Alignment

By Jason Guss Photos by J.D. Cuban
May 04, 2017

Photo by J.D. Cuban

In Golf Digest's expanded video lesson program "12 Days to Better Golf" (details on how to enroll, below), you'll learn to develop skills in all parts of the game, including putting. Every lesson builds off the one before. Here's an example of the kind of instruction you'll get.

One of the first putting skills to work on is alignment. If you're confident your ball and clubface are lined up with the read you've chosen, it'll free up your stroke.

Try this great alignment drill: Save a hotel key card and place it on a green so it indicates the correct putting line. Rest your ball on top of the key so its alignment mark matches the path. Then use the straight edge on the back of the card to square the putter's face (below) to the line of putt. Now make your stroke.

Your eyes can play tricks: You can think you've got everything lined up when you actually don't. Use this drill to recognize good alignment when you see it.


Photo by J.D. Cuban

“You read the putt, but is your putter square to that line?”

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