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A-Rod reveals he wanted to hit Ryan Dempster "in the forehead" after Dempster beaned him

It's been said plenty of times, but what Alex Rodriguez has done to endear himself to baseball fans in retirement has been quite fascinating to watch. Once the most-hated man in baseball, A-Rod is now a lovable weirdo Instagram dad/husband who also happens to be one of the best analysts in the sport. Sure, he still has plenty of haters, but even a few of them might come around after hearing this story.

Unfortunately, there are no games to break down right now for A-Rod. No at-bats to dissect. Like the rest of us, all he can do is reminisce about old games, which is exactly what he did during an Instagram live with NL Rookie of the Year Pete Alonso on Sunday. The game Alonso was interested in discussing was the Ryan Dempster game, which, for those who don't recall, was one of the more intense regular season games in Yankees-Red Sox history.

The game took place at Fenway Park on August 18, 2013, just months before A-Rod's 162-game suspension would begin for the following season. In his first at-bat, boos rained down on A-Rod from the Boston crowd, a crowd that once happily cheered on Manny Ramirez and thought nothing of it. Dempster threw behind A-Rod and missed, and then on a 3-0 count he beaned him up near his left shoulder, causing Yankees manager Joe Girardi to lose his mind and subsequently get tossed. A-Rod responded by going 3-for-4 with a towering homer to deep center field and a pair of RBIs:

While the Yankees underwhelmed and failed to make the playoffs in 2013, this moment still resonates with Yankees fans. It became even more legendary when A-Rod told Alonso on Sunday that his goal was to hit Dempster "in the forehead:"

A-Rod's Yankee career will be remembered for a lot of things, some positive and a lot negative. But the Dempster game and his run in the 2009 postseason alone are enough for most Yankees fans to look back on his time in the pinstripes fondly. Leave it to a New York Met to get A-Rod to dive deeper into this awesome moment in Yankees-Red Sox lore.