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A reason to root for Tiger to eclipse Jack?

November 21, 2009

And the sooner the better, for those in the crowded anti-Steve Williams camp. Woods' caddie apparently would consider retirement if and when his boss wins his 19th major championship, according to this story in New Zealand's Sunday News.

Williams' often boorish behavior has not endeared him to many in golf. Recall John Huggan's column in Scotland on Sunday earlier this month, headlined, "Tips for the Tiger: Nine ways for Woods to improve himself and golf."

No. 9 was that he should fire his caddie. "Go on," Huggan wrote, "make us all - journalists, spectators and, most of all, photographers - happy. Get rid of golf's biggest boor. Banish him forever to New Zealand. Anywhere will do though, even if nowhere will ever be far enough."

-- John Strege