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'A putting coach for your pocket'

March 10, 2011

Justin Rose, via Twitter on Wednesday, was touting a portable putting training ad called Zenio, which the company calls "a putting coach for your pocket":

"Had a good days work out there. Plenty of work on greens and then some drills on putting green with the 'Zenio' system - great for rhythm


"...and your ability to return putter where you're aiming. I mainly use it for rhythm benefits.

"Zenio is a putting system that you attach to your putter face and clip a gyro to the shaft. It measures rotation thru stroke, rhythm"

One of his Twitter followers asked, "do you genuinly use zenio or are you now into making a quick buck doing product placements on here?"

"Not paid a bean! Other than by holing more putts!" he wrote in reply.

So, what is it? Zenio is a German company that produced the system with the aid of teachers and tour pros. The system weights a scant 29 grams and takes 15 seconds to set up, according to the company website.

"It uses the very latest sensor technology to measure the key parameters of the putting stroke - impact, rhythm and face angle - and then immediately transmits the information to the user's Smartphone or PDA via Bluetooth, where it is displayed on-screen in an easy-to-understand graphical format," it says on the website.

The cost is about $800.

-- John Strege