Gear & Equipment
June 09, 2011

A putter you won't buy Dad for Father's Day

How much do you love your father? Enough to spend $3,000 for a new putter for him for Father's Day? Probably not.

It's called the Golden Putter, hand-crafted by a German company, Barth & Sons ("the Refinement Company," as it calls itself), that surely doesn't intend to sell a lot of these at 2,195 Euros ($3,184.85, according to the exhange rate on Thursday). The putterhead, shaft and personalized inlays are either hard-gold-plated or platinized and the putter comes with an elegant cherrywood case.

For those who do splurge, it will likely be the most attractive club in your bag, at least until it starts missing putts.

-- John Strege

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