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A pro golfer is halfway to cashing in MILLIONS on the greatest golf bet ever

June 20, 2017

Brooks Koepka took home a record $2.16 million for his U.S. Open victory at Erin Hills. But the win means another pro golfer is halfway to winning even more money on the greatest golf bet ever.

As first pointed out by Bunkered Golf Magazine, Jordan Baker (aka @OfficialBakes on Twitter) has successfully completed the first two legs of the golf gambling Grand Slam. It's part of a four-event parlay in which Baker took Sergio Garcia to win the Masters, Koepka at the U.S. Open, Rickie Fowler at the British Open, and Justin Thomas at the PGA Championship.

If you're thinking, those are some long odds, you're right. One MILLION-to-one odds in fact. Baker's two-pound bet will fetch him two million pounds ($2.52 million) if Fowler and Thomas are able to win the season's final two majors. Here's a look at the potential golden ticket, with which the lucky (genius?) Baker has been taunting bet365, the online book where he placed the wager:

"I'd buy my mum a house, take dad on a golfing trip around the UK, buy myself a nice Ferrari and then take all the lads on holiday to Vegas," Baker told Golf Digest of his plans for the potential huge payout.

Needless to say, Baker was excited throughout the U.S. Open as Koepka climbed the leader board before eventually taking control of the tournament on Sunday. Especially because as you can see from the betting slip, Koepka at 80-to-1 odds was his longest of the four bets. So technically, Baker is more than halfway to winning some life-changing money (Although the odds of those last two coming through are still just 980/1).

Here's a look at the updated betting ticket after Koepka's win:

We'll have to see if bet365 offers Baker a buyout, but it doesn't sound like Jordan would be interested.

"I have not been offered a buyout," said Baker, who unfortunately didn't make separate bets on the first two majors. "For me personally, I like to see things through and I guarantee this bet will be going to the very end."

Why not? The dude is on a roll, and he's even placed his next bet:

OK, so maybe Jordan should stick to gambling on golf. That one definitely isn't happening.