#ReactionMay 1, 2013

A pie to the face? Reader makes the cut with punchline on Jeff Sluman's entertaining celebration

By Stephen Hennessey

In baseball circles, celebrating a dramatic win by "pie-ing" a teammate for his heroics has become a common occurrence.

We haven't seen it become as popular in golf, but it was funny to see Brad Faxon serve Jeff Sluman with a cream pie to his partner's face (below) after they won the Legends of Golf last weekend.


For our Golf World Front 9 Punchline-Writing Contest this week, we asked our readers to dish out a punchline about the pie celebration.

The winning entry came via Andy Peterson of Omaha:

  • "There's tasting victory, then there's tasting victory." *

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We'd also like to recognize our winner from our Masters Report issue (April 22).

Here's the setup line we posted on Facebook on Masters Sunday:

  • "Augusta National announces "Drive, Chip & Putt" competition for junior golfers." *

The winning punchline, from Trey Michelle Lineberger of Ponte Vedra Beach:

  • "They also announce "Hazards, Drops & DQs" competition for the rules committee." *

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Photograph: Courtesy of Getty Images.