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A persistent fox really, really wanted this guy's headcover, causes him to fall

November 09, 2015

On Sunday, we shared a video of a kangaroo chasing a couple of golfers in a cart. And on Monday, a clip of a fox tracking down a terrified golfer started to make the rounds. It's dangerous out there, folks.

Check out this hysterical footage of a fox attempting to steal one man's headcover three times -- and it wasn't even a particularly interesting headcover. In each try, the fox starts to run away with the prized possession before dropping it after being pursued by the man. But after the last attempt, the fox decides to run after the man, who winds up slipping and falling. Watch:

After the fall, the fox finally left the man alone. Good for him, but wouldn't it have been a lot easier to just give the furry mammal what it wanted?