A Partnership of Performance & Personality

June 12, 2019
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In today’s PGA Tour, big-name sponsorship is as much a part of the game as the rules themselves. But what makes for a good partnership? When it comes to four-time PGA Tour winner Marc Leishman and IZOD, it’s about the perfect mix of performance and personality. We recently caught up with Leishman to talk between rounds…

Golf Digest: Let’s talk IZOD. How did you end up working together?
Marc Leishman: I’ve been working with IZOD for two years now—the brand first approached me and honestly, it’s just been such an easy, natural partnership from the beginning. The chill vibe, the colors—even the company’s values—it just all works.

GD: In your opinion, what sets it apart from other golf wear and makes them special?
ML: IZOD is always comfortable, looks good, and it performs when I need it to. The shoulder seams stretch and flex so I never feel my swing or movements restricted at all—even at the end of really long days. When you’re out playing all day, day after day, the smallest things (like a belt buckle or renegade button) will start distracting you, and in IZOD I’ve always been able to keep my focus on the game.

Izod x GD

GD: Do you have a favorite style from the collection?
ML: I really love the Advantage Performance Polo—I have a ton of them and wear 'em on and off the course.

GD: What makes the materials that IZOD uses in their golf shirts great and distinguishes them from other brands?
ML: I don’t know how they do it, but every IZOD shirt is super comfortable while it also does all this stuff like wick away sweat, which helps keep me dry. It seems like they always have something new coming out and the styles just keep getting better each year. At 6’2”, I’m a bit of a bigger guy and sometimes have a hard time finding styles that fit well, look good, and also give me the sort of comfort I need in my swing—but IZOD just fits the bill.

GD: Earlier you mentioned values; can you elaborate on that?
ML: IZOD is one of those brands that understands what’s important and what’s not. They’re very laid-back, easygoing, and they don’t take themselves so seriously. At the same time they support many great causes and are focused on sustainability and innovation. We share a lot of the same values and that’s important to me.


GD: Being Australian you have spent so much of your life outdoors in the sun. Do the IZOD shirts give you sun protection?
ML: The sun can be brutal, but my IZOD golf wear has built-in UV protection to block the burn.

GD: How many shirts will you pack for a tournament?
ML: I usually pack two to three polos per day, with button-downs for the evenings—better safe than sorry, right?

GD: Do you wear IZOD when you visit TopGolf?
ML: Of course, I wear it all over! They have a huge selection of styles that fit pretty much everything I’m ever doing, so it’s easy.

Thanks, Marc, and best of luck this season.

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