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A new way to capture the beauty of an entire golf course

January 08, 2015

LAS VEGAS -- It's nearly impossible to convey the brilliance of a golf course in just one image. Every hole is a 360-degree experience, and part of that experience HAS to get cut out of a traditional two-dimensional, square photo. Enter, Ricoh's Theta ($300).[#image: /photos/55ad7becb01eefe207f70b4f]|||ricoh-theta-frontview-518.jpg|||

The camera, which is on display at CES this week, has two 180-degree fisheye lenses, one in the front and another in the back, that take high definition images at the same time. Those images are instantly stitched together to offer a 360-degree panoramic image. The WiFi-enabled camera also captures high definition video, which means you can watch multiple views of just one golf swing. The jury is out on whether you're prepared to watch that kind of footage.