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A little story about Bill Murray at a bluegrass concert that will remind you not everyone sucks

November 13, 2017

In these dreadful times when our national debate now extends to your choice of single-cup coffee makers, one wonders if there's anyone out there who can bring our fractured republic together. Then you hear another story about Bill Murray doing Bill Murray things, and it serves as a reminder that at least one male celebrity is holding up his end of the social contract.

As the story goes according to Reddit user "nickgrayiscool" (maybe not his real name) Murray pulled what appeared to be a typical self-important celebrity move by showing up at a bluegrass concert at Charleston, S.C., and snapping up all the remaining tickets. The difference is that Murray didn't snap up all the remaining tickets to distribute to his bluegrass-loving celebrity friends, but instead to hand them out to the people who were waiting in line.

Why? Maybe just because Bill Murray gets it -- this at a time when "it getting" appears to be in desperately short supply.