124th U.S. Open

Pinehurst No. 2

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A high-tech way to improve your putting

May 06, 2011

How much do you want to improve your putting? Maybe a better question: How much are you willing to spend to improve your putting? If the answer to both questions is the same, a lot, here is a training aid that ought to help.

The PuttingShark sells for $379, but it is a high-tech device designed to provide the information you need to improve. It measures club-face angle, swing path, angle of attack, club speed and sweetspot deviation. Or a lot of the same information to which tour players have access in their own quests to refine their putting.


The company, P3ProSwing, which also makes a swing analyzer, says the PuttingShark "records, measures and calculates millions of bits of data as the putter travels through the impact zone." Included is an optical sensing platform, software, stance mat and putting strip.

-- John Strege