An effective drill for more distance that doesn't even require a club

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Many golfers think that the swing is over once they’ve hit the ball, but that's misleading. In fact, focusing on a good follow-through can be an additional source of speed in your swing.

If you struggle with maintaining your speed or extension through impact, this drill from Golf Digest Teaching Professional Erika Larkin can help. Follow along with her quick clip to learn how to tap into the power you already have and improve your performance off the tee—and all you need is your own two hands.

First, get into your golf stance with your arms hanging down. Then, extend your lead arm and raise your hand to about two o’clock. From there, rehearse your swing with your trail arm and find that lead hand during your through-swing. When your hands meet, you should make a loud clap. Be sure that your lead hand doesn’t drop down to meet your trail hand during your follow-through. Really stretch your trail arm to get there.

As you turn your body through, focus on getting your hips and chest to point toward the target. This will help you increase your extension and boost your speed through the ball.

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