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Fitness Friday: A great exercise to strengthen your knees and eliminate pain

Without healthy knees, it's difficult to play as much golf as you want. So what do you do, as you get older in order to keep your knees primed for 18?

Even though you're not jumping or running in this sport, the torque and lower-body rotation necessary to swing the club makes knee health paramount.

We asked Mark Verstegen (@APCoach), founder of Athletes' Performance in Phoenix, for advice for keeping two of the most important joints in your body strong. I caught up with Verstegen this week at the SKLZ & Athletes' Performance event in New York City, as they debuted some new products and discussed the new top-notch training facility they're opening together out in Carlsbad, Calif.

Verstegen stressed the importance of strengthening your knees, even if you're not currently experiencing pain.

Watch the video below to see Mark and AP's Dan Cowan demonstrate a great exercise for all golfers.

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