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A golf glove to help you get a grip

April 25, 2011

Does golf need another glove brand? Aren't they all the same? Yes and no, Cutters Gloves will tell you.

Cutters Gloves is an athletic glove company that began more than a decade ago with gloves for football players and expanded into other sports, including baseball, soccer and golf.


What differentiates Cutters is its C-TACK Performance Grip Material, ultra-thin in the case of its golf gloves. "It's the same grip we use in our football and batting gloves," Cutters spokesman Chris Miller said. "It's unique. We have a grip that helps with durability. It's going to last longer than other gloves on the market. That's what sets us apart."

Ryan Moore uses a Cutters glove on the PGA Tour. "We want people to wear the gloves because they want to wear the gloves," Miller said. "Ryan came to us and wanted to try them and ended up using them."

The Cutters gloves come in five different models -- Tour, Pro-Fit, All Weather, Ladies and Junior -- and range in price from $30 (Tour) to $20 (Junior).

-- John Strege