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A closer look at the top 25

December 04, 2009

The final Golf World/Nike Golf men's and Golf World/NGCA women's Division I coaches' polls were released this week, and the results breakdown in some interesting ways.

Number of teams that started the fall unranked

Men: 5

Augusta State, 11; Oregon State, 16; UNLV, 21; Virginia, 23; San Diego State, 25

Women: 4

Florida, 16; Texas A&M, 21; UC Davis, 22; South Carolina, 24

Number of teams that started the fall ranked but ended unranked

Men: 1

Arkansas, 8

*Women: *0

Meanwhile, when you consider how the top-25 teams ranked in various categories, there are some observations that can be made. Below are how the teams rank based on:





*[#image: /photos/55ad71dbb01eefe207f68709]|||Women's poll chart.jpg|||