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A carry bag that will make a statement, if not much of a dent, in the golf market

October 30, 2013

A.P.C., the designer clothing label and Parisian purveyor of minimalist design, teamed up with all-American backpacker, Eastpak, to launch a backpack collaboration as well as a trendier take on the traditional golf bag.

"Golf just has this terrible reputation -- boring grown-ups, beige pants with pleats," Jean Touitou, A.P.C's founder lamented. "But at its simplest, it's supposed to be elegant. The swing is just so elegant."

The effort resulted in a retro-looking, leather golf bag that retails for $700. The undoubtedly well-crafted bag reads more like a piece of luggage than a golf bag. I just don't see real players with carry bags like this. A contemporary bag feels more like a pared-down, solid, Sunday bag in black or navy, not this hard case in classic Louis Vuitton shades.

Who knows how many bags they'll actually produce and whether this was just a small, lifestyle addition to a capsule collection. The truth is, like many offerings from the "designer" market, this golf bag may be more of a statement than a commercial product, and that's not necessarily a bad thing. What is clear is that Touitou loves golf and is interested in pushing the envelope on the game's current style stance.


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