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A Bluetooth for your golf equipment? It's coming

October 25, 2011

When this royal and ancient game mixes with 21st-century innovation, the result is often an interesting new product, one of them Mosoro's new Bluetooth device for your golf equipment.

Mosoro is a Golden, Colo., company that by its own definition "creates Bluetooth accessory solutions, also know as Appcessories, for smartphones." On Tuesday, it introduced its 3D-Sport device for licensing and co-branding, with expectations to bring the product to market in the spring.

The 3D-Sport is a small, lightweight Bluetooth device that attaches to a golf club near the grip and communicates with your smart phone. "When you take a swing, it measures 100 times a second how the club moves in three dimensions," Mike Stemple, Mosoro founder, said. The device features a gyroscope, an accelerometer, a magnetometer and a Bluetooth LE (low energy).

Its capabilities include showing your swing path and whether you clubface is open or closed at impact and will provide the feedback instantaneously to assist in analyzing your swing.

"One of the exciting things we're building into it," Stemple said, "is that once you put all that data onto your smart phone, probably for a small fee you can send it to your golf pro and he can use Face Time [on an iPhone] to tell you how to improve your swing.

"We're pretty excited about it. The core technology is being adapted to tennis, baseball, hockey and lacrosse."

The 3D-Sport, which also can be used on your putter, will sell for under $100 dollars, Stemple said.

-- John Strege