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A better weight transfer with the Pocket Pin High Pro

March 18, 2013

Carl Papa is a retired federal parole officer, whose passion for golf was tempered by his inability to consistently get his weight to his left side. To help with this swing fault, he invented a device, the Pin High Pro, to help.


Now he has simplified it, with his introduction of the Pocket Pin High Pro, a device 4 1/4-inches in diameter and requiring no batteries to operate. Simply place it on the ground and step on it with the outside of your front foot. The device clicks when your weight has shifted to your front foot.

"It started because of my inability to get to the left side consistently," Papa said. "I was getting frustrated. I was at the driving range with a friend, and he said, 'Carl, you're hitting the ball OK some of the time, but you're not getting weight to the front foot consistently.' So many golfers have trouble shifting weight to the front foot."

The Pocket Pin High Pro features a spring, that "when you get about 30, 35 pounds on your front foot it clicks," he said. He has eight teaching professionals in the Knoxville, Tenn., area using it for those struggling with the weight shift.

It is available through his website for $24.95.