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A Benefit for Bruce Edwards

September 29, 2009

Golf Digest Contributing Editor John Feinstein blogged about the fifth annual charity golf tournament in honor of the late Bruce Edwards.

The tournament, known simply as 'The Bruce,' is hosted every year by Feinstein and Tom Watson, for whom Edwards was a longtime caddie before passing away in April of 2004. The event attracts plenty of big names, from golfers like Andy North and John Cook to college basketball coaching legends Mike Krzyzewski and Roy Williams, all in an effort to raise research money for ALS, the disease Edwards was first diagnosed with in 2003.

Feinstein was pleased to report that Monday's event raised approximately $350,000, which will go to The Robert Packard Center for ALS Research at Johns Hopkins University. He was even happier to write that one of Packard's scientists told a group of listeners, "There is actually -- FINALLY -- the beginnings of hope that a cure will be found."

The nearly $3 million in funds that 'The Bruce' has generated during its five years of existence certainly hasn't hurt the cause.