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93-year-old makes first hole-in-one in the last round of his life

May 17, 2018

To all cursed hackers that have never recorded a hole-in-one, Ben Bender is proof that you should never lose the faith.

According to the Zanesville Times Recorder, Bender, a 93-year-old Ohioan, made his first ace in seven decades of playing golf at Green Valley (Ohio) Golf Club.

"I'd come close to some hole-in-ones, but this one was level on the green before it curved towards the hole and went in," Bender told the Times Recorder. "I was in awe watching it."

And, according to Bender, it came in the final round of his life.

"I played a few more holes, but my hips were hurting and I had to stop," Bender said. "It seemed the Lord knew this was my last round so he gave me a hole-in-one."

Bender began playing when he bought a set of Wilson's and a golf bag for $50. He got as low as a 3 handicap, although admitted his game has struggled as of late. Making his feat that much sweeter.

"I was lucky to play golf this long, but I never expected (a hole-in-one)," Bender said. "It was the last time I was able to play, and I think God had a hand in this. I loved the game and hate to give it up, but I can't play forever."