Tenuous golf connectionApril 19, 2014

9 things you're only going to understand if you've worked in a bag room

By Keely Levins__

______1. You can unfold a pushcart with the speed and dexterity of a professional Rubik's Cuber.

2. You kept the members' clubs far cleaner than your own.

3. You had a lot of putting contests against yourself waiting for the last cart to come in. And  always pretended you didn't have a life when the player apologized for playing so late. "No, no. There's nothing I'd rather be doing on a Friday night."

night golf.jpg

4. You always felt the need to explain your wad of singles to bank tellers: "It's tip money… From the golf course…"

5. If you didn't approve of the way a member organized their bag, you took it upon yourself to re-arrange it.

organized clubs.jpg

6. You've pushed electric carts that ran out of juice across the length of a course. And felt like the Hulk doing it.


7. The playing privileges were so good, you probably would have worked for free. But you would never tell your boss that.

golfer celebration.jpg

8. Whenever a bag came in with head covers on every iron and hybrid, a little piece of you died.

9. You were 90% sure you and your bag room co-workers ran the course. Until you got promoted to the Pro Shop.

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