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9 reasons why you have to attend next year's "Think Young, Play Hard" tournament

Golf Digest hosted its first-ever "Think Young, Play Hard" tournament in Las Vegas over the weekend and it was a lot of fun. So much fun that it's going to become an annual event. Here are nine reasons why you should attend next year:

You'll be able to wear ridiculous outfits while pulling off ridiculous shots.

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__If you're lucky, you'll arrive to the first tee via helicopter.__

When you're late for your tee time at Royal Links. #thinkyoungplayhard

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A cannon will kick off the event. An actual cannon.

__[#image: /photos/55ad7cd8b01eefe207f717a0]|||typh 5.jpg|||

Golfboards. There will be many golfboards.____

________[#image: /photos/55ad7cd8add713143b42ca61]|||typh 3.jpg|||

____[#image: /photos/55ad7cd8add713143b42ca5d]|||typh 6.jpg|||

You'll have a chance to compete against guys like long-drive champion Jeff Flagg (nobody could outdrive him during the first-annual "Think Young, Play Hard" tournament...he's an animal) and the Bryan Bros. Participants took these guys on for chances to win GoPro cameras and Callaway's not-yet-released PM wedges.__

__ @jeff_flagg a champion #longdrivers is held in awe by his @golfdigest @thinkyoungplayhard tournament team mates. #Whyilovethisgame #thinkyoungplayhard #golf #vegas

A photo posted by Walters Golf (@waltersgolf) on Apr 18, 2015 at 12:23pm PDT

This was one of our favorite photos of the day!! Thanks @gopro for taking good care of us! #TeamCallaway #GoProGolf

A photo posted by Bryan Bros Golf (@bryanbrosgolf) on Apr 17, 2015 at 7:57pm PDT

Off-course activities include gambling (lots of it), go-cart racing, dolphin shows, tiger-watching, pool parties, concerts and more. Contestants this year played blackjack on these awesome tables at the Mirage.__

__ I survived five nights in Vegas for the Golf Digest #thinkyoungplayhard invitational. @gtownglfrgrl08 @ashleykmayo

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The swag bag is awesome.__

__ You might want to come to this next year.. That's quite the welcome! #SWAG #golfdigestinvitational #ThinkYoungPlayHard #playpartyrepeat #waltersgolf #Callaway #gopro #tommybahama #GolfDigest #sundogeyewear #gfore #themirage #cutter&buck

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__The champions take home a cool trophy and can create their own media blitz. (The champs of the first "Think Young, Play Hard" took their trophy on a tour of San Francisco's Olympic Club.)

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It is, without a doubt, the most fun you'll ever have with three friends on a golf course.

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Check out the best tweets and Instagrams shared from the first "Think Young, Play Hard" tournament. And stay tuned for next year's tournament. Because FOMO never feels good.

And here's a video that captures the fun:

(Many thanks to AJ Voelpel for providing most of these images.)

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