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9 golf Vines you'll want to watch over and over (and over) again

October 27, 2016

UPDATE: Oh wait, apparently Vine is back. Huh. Nevermind then.

Twitter is killing Vine. It's a sentence that wouldn't have made any sense about a decade ago, but on Thursday, it was an announcement that saddened many on social media. On the bright side, since the plug wasn't immediately pulled on the video sharing app, for now, you can continue to see those looping clips that have brought smiles to us for all these years (three years to be exact). So sit back and enjoy this compilation of some of the best golf Vines ever (again, it's only been three years) created while there's still time.

Who could forget the most awkward non-handshake of all time?

Or Rory McIlroy launching a club into a water hazard?

Yep, Vines are certainly great for tour pros' reactions, both good:

And bad:

Vines are also great for watching trick shots:

How about this particularly tasty trick shot?

And this trick shot that went (horribly) wrong:

And we'll end on a walk-off:

Just kidding. As impressive as that was, we have to end with that time an ambitious U.S. Open marshal tried to silence. . . a train.

RIP, Vine.