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7 Interesting quotes from Golf Digest's panel discussion on social media

January 23, 2014

ORLANDO -- Golf Digest's Audience Engagement Editor Ashley Mayo hosted an hour-long panel discussion on social media on Thursday -- specifically, the role social media plays in targeting millennials.

The discussion, titled "Marketing and Retailing to Millennials," featured Ryan Kuehl of Under Armour, Harry Arnett of Callaway Golf, Adrienne Cass of Trendy Golf, Chris Rosaasen of Travis Mathew, and Matt Corey of PGA Tour Superstore.

Here are some interesting quotes:

"He gets a little hot sometimes, but that's fine. It shows he wants to win...he fires at pins. I'd rather have someone miss some cuts who's shooting at pins and playing aggressively."

Harry Arnett, on the reading habits on millennials:

"We kind of think of them as media hippies. They're really creative and they're not afraid of trying a lot of different things."

Harry Arnett, on social media:__

__"Don't be afraid of the word 'social media.' It's just a word that basically means a lot of information, really fast."

Adrienne Cass, on millennials turning 30:__

__"Turning 30 is like turning 21, but with money."

Chris Rosaasen, on the Travis Mathew culture:__

__"How do we gauge if our [gorilla marketing] is working? By seeing how people respond when we do it. Sometimes, that can tell you a whole lot."

Matt Corey, on a social media campaign he once conducted:

"We told people 'hey, if you take a picture while you're in our store, we'll give you a free sleeve of golf balls.' All the younger people immediately got it. The older people...not so much."

Ashley Mayo, after Ryan Kuel said he sometimes gets yelled at by his bosses:__

__"Don't worry, I'm not going to yell at you."