News & ToursJune 19, 2014

7 differences at Pinehurst for the Women's Open

By Keely Levins


Here are the most notable:

  1. The course the women will play is 900 yards shorter than for the men's. At its longest, No. 2 it would play 6,649 yards for the women.

  2. While 6,200 volunteers signed with to assist the USGA at Pinehurst, 4,200 of them are here for both championships.

  3. There were more than 50,000 tickets sold on competition days for the men. The expectations for the women are around 20,000 per day.

  4. A total of 21,600 bleacher seats were available for the public last week. Afterward, several of the bleachers were reconfigured, leaving the total number at 18,200.

  5. Specifically, the grandstands around the 18th green, which accommodated 4,077 seats for the men's championship will hold 1,560 spectators for the women's.

  6. Six of the smaller concession stands that were open for the men have been closed down, and converted to Hydration Stations that are offering complimentary water for spectators.

7. While the USGA has said it will keep the speed of Pinehurst's devilish greens as fast as they were last week -- mid to upper 12s on the Stimpmeter -- officials have decided to make the greens a bit softer for the women to help them be more receptive to approach shots.

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