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5 ways to accessorize your pushcart

August 31, 2016

First, duh, you need a pushcart. Most of the guys in the Sunday Morning Group now use them, as you can see from this partial view of the lineup behind the first tee the other weekend:


And it's not just old guys who use them. Addison, who his 25, recently began using an old one of mine, after borrowing his father's Bag Boy for a state tournament and realizing that rolling his bag instead of carrying it spared his shoulders and his back, allowing him concentrate on golf.

I myself now own and use two: a Big Max Blade, which folds nearly flat and is ideal for travel in a crowded car, and a Clicgear 3.5+, which is my latest acquisition and my current favorite for everyday use. Recently, I added several extremely useful Clicgear accessories, among them a steering knob, which screws into the umbrella socket in the middle of the handle:


It doesn't actually "steer" my cart, but if gives me an alternative, rotating projection to grab onto, and it lets me propel and guide my cart with one hand. It reminds me a little of a necker's knob, which, back in the days before power steering and seat belts, enabled you to steer your car with one hand while using your other hand to bother your girlfriend, who was sitting right next to you in the front seat. (Truck drivers sometimes still use necker's knobs, also known as suicide knobs, to make big-rig steering easier.)

I also added a Clicgear cooler bag, which attaches to the struts:


It has an insulated lower compartment, which is large enough to hold a six-pack and lots of ice, and a roomy upper compartment, which can be used as a humidor:


The standard Clicgear beverage holder is big enough for a can of beer but not big enough for most insulated water bottles. So I added a supersized version:


Clicgear sells a couple of cigar holders, including this one:


If I ever decide to start smoking cigars, though, I'm just going to do what Barney does on his Clicgear, using the top of the storage compartment:


Clicgear sells lots of other accessories, too, including a rain cover, an adjustable umbrella-holder, and a little seat, which attaches near one of the wheels. I'm not ready for that one yet. But maybe soon.