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5 Tour Vets Rockin' the Right Looks

January 09, 2014

Sure, the Champions Tour may not be the most trend-setting, style-blazing arena in the game right now, but the secret's out and these guys are paying more attention to their fitness as well as the fit, finish and fabric of their clothes. Check out these five tour vets with serious style and forward your favorite to your dad. Or, in my case, print it out and fax it to him...


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Duffy Waldorf__The Duff-man Senior makes a statement with his slim fit, five-pocket trousers, and appropriate execution of the white-on-white shirt and belt combo. This is a great example of a Champions Tour player working with some new-school pieces and still looking age appropriate.

__Kenny Perry__Looking good doesn't always mean pushing the envelope. Kenny Perry looks put together in well-fitting, solid setups. Follow his lead; lose the pleats, slim down the trouser, throw on a sweater and hit the links.


Tom Pernice Jr.__On the other hand, if you feel like rocking the boat, follow Pernice's path to working with bold colors. Make sure the fit is perfect and that the rest of your outfit stays in the background. Tom kills the pink pants and he gets extra credit for the subtle pick up on his shirtsleeves.


Tom Lehman__Taking cues from style icons of past and present, Tom Lehman shows us that the monochromatic move is a strong look no matter what tour you're on.


Tom Watson__A true elder statesmen of the game, Tom Watson is a portrait of classic style. Timeless looks never go out of fashion and are a strong style statement on every stage.

Waldorf, Lehman: Chris Condon/PGA Tour; Pernice Jr.: Stan Badz/PGA Tour; Perry, Watson: Getty Images*