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5 things to talk about on the course: LeBron vs. Steph, Taylor vs. Katy, and "Entourage" vs. "Spy"

From sports to TV to politics (OK, so mostly the first two), we offer five hot topics that are sure to liven up your round of golf:

1. The NBA Finals: What a series! Well, forget about Game 4, but for the first time in NBA history Games 1 and 2 went to OT and Game 3 was about as intense of a non-OT game that you'll ever see. LeBron James has been sensational, but Matthew Dellavedova has picked a good time to create a "Linsanity"-like craze. We're going with Dellysanity, but we saw someone call him the Delly Lama. That works too. Unfortunately, it looks like the Warriors are going to be too much for the undermanned Cavs, but hopefully, we're writing about a Game 7 a week from now.

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2. The Stanley Cup Final: Another series tied 2-2 and making history. (By the way, why does the NBA call its championship the "Finals" and the NHL goes with "Final"?) Apparently, it's just the first time since 1968 and only the third time ever Games 1-4 of the Stanley Cup Final have been decided by one goal. That surprised me since as a non-hockey fan, I feel like every game ends with a 1-0 score. Speaking of low scoring sports. . .

3. Women's World Cup: It's underway and the U.S. got off to a great start by beating Australia 3-1. Unfortunately, all I've heard about all week is that the U.S. MEN's team defeated powerhouse Germany 2-1 in a "friendly." How is it possible that FIFA lets these important men's games go on while the women are supposed to be in the spotlight? It's very curious, especially for an organization that's as well run as FIFA is. Oh. Right.

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4. "Entourage": It was a rough opening weekend at the box office for the much ballyhooed bromance comedy. "Entourage" pulled in a disappointing $17 million to finish in fourth place, getting crushed by "Spy," starring Melissa McCarthy. $17 million? That can't cover the seemingly non-stop ads for the film that have been running for the past month. And the reviews? Let's just say they haven't been kind. Whatever. Ari Gold for life. I'll probably go see it tonight.

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5. Taylor Swift-Katy Perry feud: So it turns out those rumors that Perry filed a trademark for a song called "1984" (a direct shot at Swift's "1989" album named for her birth year) were false. That's a shame, but these two pop stars apparently have a lot of "Bad Blood" (Taylor!) between them. There's the obvious John Mayer connection, but also a story about Swift being bitter for Perry poaching a few of her dancers right before she went on tour. Wow, picking sides here is tough considering these two are responsible for creating two of the best songs of the past decade. "Firework":

And "Style":

OK, I should probably stop talking now. . .

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