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5 things to talk about on the course: March Madness, "The Jinx," and Ellie Kemper

March 20, 2015

From sports to TV to politics (OK, so mostly the first two), we offer five hot topics that are sure to liven up your round of golf:

1. March Madness: There's a tendency to overreact to things that just happened, but Thursday might have been the best day in the history of sports. The upsets. The buzzer beaters. The excited announcers not named Reggie Miller (Man, is he bad on TV). Yeah, yeah, your bracket got ruined, but wasn't it worth seeing all that craziness? Oh, and the injured Georgia State coach diving off his chair as his son hits a ridiculous game-winning three to upset Baylor might be the most March Madness thing ever.

2. "The Jinx": I raved about this HBO documentary last week before the finale -- and then all hell broke lose. In case you missed it, I won't spoil it for you, but let's just say the chilling audio from Robert Durst at the end will leave you stunned. And now there's controversy surrounding the director and producer over the timeline of the film. Regardless of how they put it all together, though, it was riveting and a must-watch if you haven't already.

3. "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt": After finishing "The Jinx," I needed a pick me up and Netflix provided just that with this fantastic new quirky comedy starring Ellie Kemper (Erin from "The Office") and Tituss Burgess, who are both breakout stars. If it feels like "30 Rock," that's because Tina Fey is a co-creator and writer. She's also one of the many great cameos (Hank from "Breaking Bad" is featured prominently in the season's funniest episode). Oh, and the intro mashup/theme song is one of the catchiest things I've ever heard:

4. Chris Borland: The 24-year-old linebacker for the San Francisco 49ers surprised everyone by retiring Monday due to brain-related concerns. That sparked the latest debate over whether or not this is the beginning of the end of the NFL. That kind of thinking seems to be a bit premature, but we can only hope cases like this lead to more awareness about concussions and head trauma. Borland may have walked away from millions, but at least he did it while he was still of sound mind.

5. Arnold Palmer: Speaking of still being of sound mind and still being a total boss, Palmer is hosting his annual tournament this week at Bay Hill. He also dropped quite the zinger in a press conference when asked about his recent phone call from Tiger Woods. "Who ever told you it was an hour is full of sh*t." It's been more than 42 years since he won a PGA Tour event and yet Palmer made more than $40 million in endorsements last year. Yep, it's still good to be The King.