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5 things to talk about on the course: David Letterman, Riley Curry, and the Spin Doctors

From sports to TV to politics (OK, so mostly the first two), we offer five hot topics that are sure to liven up your round of golf:

1. David Letterman: Nearly 14 million viewers watched Dave's final time hosting "The Late Show," giving the program it's biggest TV audience since February 28, 1994. And I actually remember that show -- which will finish as Letterman's most-watched ever -- very well. Why? Because I was in sixth grade and I was allowed to stay up late to watch my favorite band, the Spin Doctors, perform.

Spin Doctors! 1990s rock! Woo! Sorry, I got a little carried away there. What were we talking about? Oh, right, David Letterman. Yeah, he's pretty good, too.

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2. NBA conference finals: Everyone has penciled Golden State and Cleveland into the Finals, but not so fast. Judging by the first few games, those teams have their hands full with the Rockets and Hawks, respectively. In fact, the Warriors squeaked out home wins the first two games after winning all four regular-season contests between the two squads by an average of 15 points. Hmm. Maybe those critics who say the NBA regular season is too long and kind of pointless have a point. . .

3. NBA Draft Lottery: Well, it's official. The Knicks suck at sucking. After purposely tanking for the entire season, they decided to win three of their last six games (they finished 17-65 overall) to end up with just the second-worst record in the league. Then, the lottery balls screwed them and the team fell to the fourth pick in the draft. Congrats to the three teams that will be picking ahead of Phil Jackson now. You're pretty much guaranteed selecting a future Hall-of-Famer now.

4. Potential historic baseball seasons: I've been out of the loop more than ever with baseball this year and when I finally checked the stats I saw a couple crazy things. Dee Gordon is batting around .400? I didn't even know that and the guy is on my fantasy baseball team! And as of Thursday, Nelson Cruz was in line to pull off the rare Triple Crown in the American League. Guess the Mets signing Michael Cuddyer instead of him in the off-season wasn't a great move.

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5. Riley Curry: The appearance of Stephen Curry's adorable daughter at a post-game press conference sparked a heated debate about whether athletes should bring their kids to work. Really, people? A.) It's cute and B.) If anything, it puts the athlete more at ease and willing to give insightful answers to questions. Plus, you get moments like when Chris Paul's son imitated Blake Griffin with Blake Griffin sitting right there:

Paul and Curry are already in State Farm commercials together, but when are Lil Chris and Riley going to team up? It's too bad they didn't appear on Letterman together. Throw in the Spin Doctors and that show could have really gotten some good ratings.

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