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5 stylish winter golf hats

December 11, 2013

If you paid any attention over the last few seasons of "Game of Thrones" you should know by now that winter is most certainly coming. So even if you're blessed with a full Crenshaw-like helmet of Goldilocks, sometimes you've gotta strap on the snowcap when conditions get frosty. Check out five winter ready hats to keep your game warm when temperatures dip.


Wool is a great natural insulator that will keep the heat in even when temperatures get real frosty. For extra credit off the course, wear it with a denim shirt and jeans like this style icon...* (See Marvin Gaye photo)


These strong stripes look sharp on and off the course. Roll it up and stick it in your bag or your back pocket and you're all set.


The old school pom pom is a classic links look.


For those uncomfortable purchasing two hats this season, Nike brings you two hats in one. Problem solved.


If you're unwilling to surrender the brim check out this winterized baseball hat from Club Monaco.