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5 incredible -- and totally unexpected -- shots that gave us goosebumps

March 03, 2016

On Wednesday, Tiger Woods made his first appearance in a golf highlight in more than six months -- even if he was just a supporting cast member to a kid. Seeing an 11-year-old golfer making a hole-in-one, and a 14-time-major winner giving him some serious love gave us some serious goosebumps, and it reminded us of a few other improbable shots by non-tour pros that lifted our spirits. Let's look back:

Woman with ALS makes long putt on live TV. Our favorite viral video of 2015 involved Madeline Kennedy, a woman with ALS. While being interviewed on live TV from a charity event for ALS, Kennedy, using a special golf cart that allows her to stand up, drained a 78-foot putt. Prepare to feel some chills:

Fan makes full-court putt to win car. This is Patrick Burch making a full-court putt (94 feet!) at halftime of an Auburn basketball game in 2014 to win a car. The most amazing part? Patrick doesn’t even play golf.