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Quickly Improving Your Golf Game Can Be a Stretch

Editor's Note: This article is written in partnership with StretchLab.

May 01, 2024

Stretching is a vastly underused tool for improving both your golf swing and how your body feels during and after each round. Many golfers don't know how to stretch or what to stretch, and doing it wrong can lead to overstretching, pulled muscles and other injuries. That’s where StretchLab is a game-changer. StretchLab is a nationwide studio network staffed with certified stretch therapists, coined Flexologists, who work one-on-one with clients in 50-minute assisted stretching sessions specially tailored for golfers.

A good golf swing requires twisting, turning, torquing, pivoting and accelerating. However, repeating those actions throughout a round can tax your body. “Golfers often suffer various physical imbalances from constantly rotating in one direction, leaving them injury prone,” says Sarah Graff, a Master Flexologist with StretchLab. “Our customized golf-stretching program can help prevent those injuries and reduce aches and pains while also improving performance. It’s meant to supplement strength training as part of your overall conditioning.”

StretchLab’s high-tech approach includes a revolutionary “Mobility, Activation, Posture and Symmetry” 3D-body-scanning tool that instantly gathers details on your body movement, creating a personalized stretch plan just for you. StretchLab also uses cutting-edge Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation, a form of resistance stretching in which you push into your Flexologist, adding pressure into the stretch while coordinating precise movement with proper breathing techniques. It’s much more effective than static stretching in helping you improve muscle elasticity. “Over time, this can translate to a more accurate golf game and a more enjoyable on-course experience,” says Graff.


Each StretchLab session also increases blood flow to the muscles and boosts flexibility, causing a positive ripple effect that improves posture and balance, extends range of motion for a bigger shoulder turn and wider swing arc, and optimizes body rotation, all of which promotes better swing mechanics, more consistency and higher clubhead speed for better distance. StretchLab sessions also help prevent injury and alleviate post-round soreness by targeting key swing components, including hips, lower back, shoulders, wrists and forearms. This benefit is especially important as we get older and lose flexibility.

StretchLab experts also incorporate recovery tools including pro-athlete-backed Hyperice massage products, foam rollers, stretch straps and more of the most sought after technology into sessions to ensure that you reap the full benefit. How noticeable are the results? Most first-timers readily buy a membership without any high-pressure sales pitch. They simply feel the improvement, which translates immediately to their golf game.

Visit StretchLab.com to schedule a session at a location near you.