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2019 Golf Galaxy National Fitting Days Announced—find out how to win free clubs, clubfittings and attend expert clinics

March 19, 2019

In the world of golf equipment, one size doesn't fit all. Especially today when there's almost infinite complexity. A qualified clubfitter makes it simple.

There are a lot of technology stories to sift through to finding the exact right golf club for your game. The biggest game-changer, though, is clubfitting itself. Even the smallest changes to your equipment can yield substantial results—a worthwhile investment for any serious golfer, no matter the handicap level.

In a Golf Digest study of golfers who had a clubfitting a few years ago, eight out of nine golfers picked up at least 21 yards of distance after a driver clubfitting and 13 yards with an iron fitting. And after tracking their results over a year, those golfers had shaved an average of 1.3 strokes off their game. The results are overwhelming—especially if you've never been fit before.

Golf Galaxy's National Fitting Events kick off next week at all Golf Galaxy stores. For four consecutive weeks, Golf Galaxy expert clubfitters will offer their fitting knowledge to golfers, and in-store offers will promote a specific manufacturer's merchandise. Promotions running with Tommy Armour (this week—March 18th through 24th), Ping (March 25th through 31st) and Callaway (April 1st through 7th) are the perfect ways to start the clubfitting process before the season kicks off.

Additionally, every Saturday, a day-long set of clinics—designed for everybody, from the beginner to the enthusiast, in each Golf Galaxy store, explaining the importance of clubfitting. Here's a lineup of the daily itinerary:

Metalwoods (10 a.m. to 11 a.m.):

--MOI / Ball speed --New Technology - discussion and demonstration --Swing Tips - get more out of your driver, fairway woods and hybrids --The Importance of Club Fitting - optimizing launch angle and spin rates

Irons (11 a.m. to Noon):

--New Technology - discussion and demonstration --Swing Tips - how to hit your irons better --The Importance of Club Fitting - having the proper length and lie

Wedges (2 p.m. to 3 p.m.):

--Gap Analysis - identifying the proper yardage between each club --How playing conditions affect bounce and grind --Swing Tips - hit better wedge shots --The Importance of Club Fitting—finding the right length and lie

Putters (3 p.m. to 4 p.m.):

--Green reading, proper alignment and distance control --Product demonstration of different putter styles --The Importance of Club Fitting—determining the correct head shape, length, loft and lie