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This 2014 instruction video that claims Rory has "the most unstable swing in golf history" looks really silly

We don't know much about the Somax Performance Institute, but apparently it created an in-depth video of Rory McIlroy's swing last June. And that video might be one of the most unintentionally funny things on the Internet.

Using its RSSSSA system of swing analysis -- that's range, sequence, separation, speed, stability and alignment -- Somax breaks down McIlroy's swing and makes the claim he has the most unstable swing in golf history.

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"By the time you're finished viewing our analysis, you will be amazed as we are that Rory can win any golf tournaments at all." Uh-huh.

The 37-minute video is narrated by a robotic voice that makes gems like the one above sound even more ridiculous. Is it possible this is the trash-talking machine Rory beat in that commercial getting its revenge? Anyway, here's the video:

Our favorite part of the video, though, has to be when it compares McIlroy's hips-leading downsing ("Dump the bump," the video implores) to Ben Hogan and wonders why Rory would want to copy the move of a man who didn't win for his first nine years. According to the video, "the only way Hogan was able to eventually win with an inefficient launch sequence was to pound range balls until his hands were bloody." And then Somax presented this for effect:

Great image! Sure, Hogan practiced a lot, but he also won 64 PGA Tour titles and nine majors. But yeah, let's focus on the fact he was a late-bloomer.

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To be fair to Somax, the streaky McIlroy was mired in a slump when this video was released, but he had already won six PGA Tour titles, including two majors by a total of 16 shots, before turning 25. Of course, a month after Somax's video was published, McIlroy went on a three-tournament winning streak that included another pair of majors and his reclaiming the No. 1 spot in the Official World Golf Ranking. Whoops.

But maybe we shouldn't be so hard on Somax. The video claims if McIlroy made the changes it suggests, he would average 350 yards off the tee and hit 90 percent of his fairways. Sounds great! Has anyone showed this to Rory yet?

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