2011 Rookie Class: Jennifer Song

January 31, 2011

Every week, we're going to introduce an LPGA rookie of 2011. Enter, Jennifer Song.


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The Orlando resident will play in the first LPGA Tour event of the 2011 season (the Honda LPGA Thailand, from Feb. 17-20), and she answered our 18 questions about golf, her personal life and the things that make her happy.

Golf Digest Woman: You were born in Michigan, then moved to South Korea when you were 2 years old. You moved back to Michigan for three years, but returned to South Korea until returning to the U.S. for college. How did you become interested in golf?

Jennifer Song: I liked every sport I played, but I really followed my dad. I picked up his clubs and I really enjoyed it. I went out to play in a local tournament when I was 10, and I won. That's when I got hooked. I got serious about golf in eighth grade.

GDW: What other sports did you play? Do you think they helped your golf game, or did they get in the way?

JS: I played volleyball, basketball and soccer. Actually, in the tenth grade I played some varsity soccer. All these sports really helped my golf game. Since the golf ball doesn't move, we tend to get too analytical about everything. But since I've played a lot of fast sports, I've tried to hit golf shots more instinctively than analytically.