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20 years ago today, Golf World named Tiger Woods its "Man Of The Year"

December 16, 2014

It's easy to take for granted how long Tiger Woods has been in the limelight. Since he trotted out onto the stage of the Mike Douglas Show as a 2-year-old, Tiger has captivated the public's interest.

It seems fitting, then, with Tiger trying to rework his swing to incorporate elements of his old move, to look back to 1994, when Golf World anointed the then 18-year-old high school senior its "Man Of The Year."

So at the time what did Tiger have to say?

On enrolling in Stanford:

"It's something I'm not used to, and being at such a high academic institution, it's going to be a little weird for me. But as soon as I find my groove, I'll be all right."

On his behavior:

"I've done things that you shouldn't do and should do. Just average teenager stuff."

On his ethnicity:

"The funny thing is I'm mostly Asian. I'm not mostly black, but I have a little black, therefore I am black in this country. I go to Asia, I'm Asian."

On what others think of him:

"The more you think about it, the worse it becomes. Then you start trying to live up to that instead of what you have to do. In a sense, you almost have to be selfish to accomplish the things you need to accomplish. If I can do my part, I feel like everything else will be taken care of."

On his announcement that his goal is to win more major championships than Jack Nicklaus:

"That was an immature statement made by a little kid. That was like dreams and stuff. My goals are private, personal."

On quitting:

"Hell no. I never quit. Never, ever quit."

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