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Trending: The 15th anniversary of Tiger Woods' first major victory

April 13, 2012

Friday the 13th is supposed to be about bad luck, but 15 years ago April 13 did not fall on a Friday, and it proved to be one of the most memorable moments in golf history. Today marks the 15th anniversary of Tiger Woods triumphant introduction to The Masters, winning in his first ever attempt at Augusta National.

For many, Tiger Woods' first green jacket symbolizes more than just his first major victory, which in-turn launched one of the greatest golf careers of all time. By winning the 1997 Masters, Tiger Woods became the youngest man to ever win at Augusta, and more importantly, the first black man -- and actually, the first non-white person altogether -- to win the famed tournament. But Tiger Woods didn't just win the 1997 Masters, he dominated by a tournament record 12 strokes, with a record final score of 18-under par -- just two of the 20 tournament records he set that week. His performance was so dominant in fact, that few people remember it was Tom Kite who came in second that year. And even fewer realize he scored a four-over-par 40 on his opening nine holes.

In honor of this monumental moment in golf history, here is ESPN's Sportscentury look back at Tiger Woods win at the 1997 Masters.

-- Derek Evers