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11 things completely different about the Ryder Cup

September 25, 2018
Morning Fourballs - 2014 Ryder Cup
Montana Pritchard/PGA of AmericaAUCHTERARDER, SCOTLAND - SEPTEMBER 27: Jim Furyk of the United States hits his tee shot on the first tee during the fourball matches for the 40th Ryder Cup at Gleneagles, on September 27, 2014 in Auchterarder, Scotland. (Photo by Kat Griggs/The PGA of America via Getty Images Europe)

It's a good thing there's a Ryder Cup only every other year given the acclimation it requires from the other weeks on the golf calendar. Ryder Cups look different, they sound different, and they trigger enough intestinal weirdness to make solid food a challenge the night before a match. Volumes have been written about how golfers so used to serving a constituency of one can struggle with the immense pressure of playing for their teammates, their captain, and their country. But that's only one reason the Ryder Cup stands apart as an entity all its own.

Among the others:

1. More roster intrigue than the NFL Draft.

Rich Schultz

2. Seats around the first tee are more desirable than those around the 18th green

Montana Pritchard/PGA of America

3. You can show up to the golf course wearing the same outfit as your playing partner, and it's not at all awkward.

David Cannon

4. The walkie-talkie might be the most important piece of equipment of all.

Craig Jones

5. Followed only by the golf cart.

Andrew Redington

6. More Ping-Pong stories than you'll know what to do with.

7. WAGS inside the ropes, in uniform, and all up in your business.

Keyur Khamar

8. At least one or two players who make pretty much everything, and you wonder why they don't have, like, 25 majors.

Andy Lyons

9. The inevitably weird Sunday dynamic when the outcome is decided but teams keep playing anyway.

Jamie Squire

10. Public intoxication.

Keyur Khamar

11. Public intoxication while giving a press conference.

Harry Engels
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